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An important announcement regarding ICN 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal!  


The 2023 ISN award deadline is April 15.


The May 2023 edition of the International Society of Neuroethology newsletter is now available!

Declaration on Diversity and Inclusion 


The ISN is committed to equal opportunities and non-discriminatory procedures and practices throughout its work to promote an inclusive culture among its members and in science in general.

The ISN strives to avoid biases of any kind across membership, allocation of funding, access to conferences and events, and when engaged in the election of council and committee members.

The ISN wants its biennial congresses and other meetings to be inclusive and for participants to feel safe and welcome.

To support this statement, the ISN has created the Inclusion and Diversity Committee, enforces its Code of Conduct, formally endorses the ALBA Declaration on Equity and Inclusion, and works to fulfil its goals. 

ISN Mentorship Program

ISN members may sign up to take part in a formal mentoring relationship organized by the Early Career Representatives. The Mentorship Program pairs members of all levels with more experienced members to meet virtually or in person to discuss matters concerning their professional life and career path. Please read the program guidelines below. To take part in the mentorship program, you need to log in and sign up in the membership selection process. (Program requires membership).

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