The 2024 Mosaic Prize

International Society for Neuroethology

Inclusion and Diversity Committee

The 2024 Mosaic Prize

Diversity is essential to maximizing innovation and creativity and to delivering excellence in science. The practice of inclusion refers to intentional, proactive measures contributing to promoting diversity and equity. Without these, and without the individuals actively working to create an inclusive culture, the benefits of diversity are nearly impossible to attain.

The ISN Mosaic Prize
seeks to identify and acknowledge individuals in the neuroethology community for their contribution and commitment to improving practices and making the science and research environment more inclusive.

Leading (but not exclusive) criteria:

● Initiating or leading positive actions or interventions to enable talented individuals of all backgrounds and personal demographics to realize their full potential in science.

● Acting as a role model or ally in championing inclusion.

● Raising awareness of workplace diversity and inclusion issues

● Taking steps to eliminate or reduce incidents of harassment or discrimination against scientists and science students of all backgrounds and personal demographics.

Nomination process

Individuals can be nominated by colleagues or self-nominated. All submissions for the prize should include:

● A completed online nomination form - accessible HERE

● A brief description (up to 500 words) of how the nominee meets one or more of the above criteria.

● A short resumé highlighting the nominee's qualifications.

Nominations should be submitted by email to the ISN Inclusion and Diversity Committee
( until May 31st, 2024.

The IDC will then select the 2024 awardee* and the award will be announced and conferred during the ISN International Congress in Berlin.

The Awardee will be further acknowledged by presenting a short account of their vision and contribution, either during the meeting or in the subsequent ISN newsletter.

*current members of the IDC are not eligible

2022 Mosaic Prize Winner - Jose L. Pena


We are pleased to open a call for a Visual small format arts acquisition award for the International Society for Neuroethology (ISN). This award with remuneration is to materialize the Mosaic Prize for ISN. The prize will be given by ISN to celebrate contributions to inclusion and diversity, which are central to ISN. The Inclusion and Diversity Committee (IDC)of the ISN is launching for the second time the Mosaic Prize and this prize will be awarded at the ISN Congress in Berlin, July-August 2024. For full information, please download the PDF linked HERE.