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Integrative Developmental Neurobiology



Comparative Neuroanatomy / Action Potential Teaching Poster


This teaching poster shows the brains of some laboratory animals in comparison to humans and it describes the basics of action potential propagation.  A full sized poster (3ft x 2ft) suitable for posting is available for free from Ari Berkowitz at the University of Oklahoma (


Books published by ISN members.

Arthropod Brains Evolution
Functional Elegance, and Historical Significance
Nicholas James Strausfeld
Harvard University Press.
Frontiers in Sensing
From Biology to Engineering
F.G. Barth, J.A. Humprey, and M.V. Srinisvasan (Eds)
Springer Verlag
Sensory Perception
Mind and Matter
F.G. Barth, P. Giampieri-Deutsch, H.-D. Klein
Springer Verlag
Nerve Cells and Animal Behaviour
P. Simmons, D. Young
Cambridge University Press


Governing Behavior

Ari Berkowitz
Harvard University Press

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